Heidi Mueller ~ French & Greek Specialist, 2nd to None. Independent Escort, Brunette Escort, Serving Atlanta, Georgia.

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Heidi Mueller is a Yoga Instructor and a Reiki Master who enjoys educating her friends as the whole person they are. She values the healing aspect of her work. She values each person just as much. Spend time with Heidi Mueller and you will change the way you look at sexual healing altogether. Not to mention you will enjoy yourself immensely, and as many times as she can get you to that point.

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Heidi enjoys the artistic value of her work. Her friends enjoy her beautiful way of illustrating her brilliant skills. She loves to taste that homemade French recipe she conjures up in her session. She also loves doing the out of the ordinary type of sexual healing. She is simply amazing being a Yoga Instructor and a Reiki Master that perhaps enables her body to stretch into that position guys have only dreamed of having a girl in. She is simply the most open minded person I have ever met. She educated me in the art of Greek that was the time of my life when I was an escort and got to play all the time. Now, I have a boyfriend who prefers traditional settings. I want Heidi to educate me in how to flavor up the traditional way. I miss having her strap-on up me Greek style. She is so beautiful in so many more ways imaginable to the known senses.

by: Anonymous Friend